Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HowTo fix laptop broken hinge

My old laptop right hinge broke off the other day and it was very hard to move it. Unfortunately there is some time until I can get a replacement so I had to do something in the meanwhile.
In the service they told me they can't fix it, that I need to find the part and then it can be replaced. So I was short of reasonable options for fixing.

The good thing was that right hinge with the monitor cables was working and I fortunately grasped that if I remove the right hinge I can close and open lid if I'm careful. The service man was kind enough to remove it and I was somehow happy.

But! Situation was still not perfect. If I did a bad move I could break the left hinge and end up with a machine in pieces. So it was time to see what I have in the bin... a broken pen... how could I throw it in the bin?! so useful!

Here's what I did:

I noticed the pen can be put inside the place of the removed hinge. The black parts in front and back are fitting ideally into the places the old hinge was expanding into the lid. So I needed to only cut the pen and use some glue to fix the black parts into it. Above is what I did. Here is how it ended up, you can also see the damaged place of the lid:

It's not very solid but good enough for the purpose.

P.S. I know, I need to clean it sometimes :-)

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